Rachel Shane


Rachel Shane, Chief Creative Officer of MWM Studios (formerly OddLot Entertainment), oversees all aspects of feature film and television development and production. She originally joined the company in Fall 2013 as Executive Vice President of Production, and with her guidance, the development team has built a strong pipeline of film and television projects. 

Most recently, Shane served as Executive Producer on the 17-time Emmy nominated series GENIUS. The show, which was National Geographic’s first-ever scripted television series, tells the stories of the world’s most brilliant innovators. The first season followed the life of Albert Einstein with Geoffrey Rush playing the older Einstein and the current season follows the life of Pablo Picasso, played by Antonio Banderas. Shane also served as Executive Producer on the Academy Award®-nominated film HELL OR HIGH WATER starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster and she served as an Executive Producer on LANDLINE, which was written by OBVIOUS CHILD’s Gillian Robespierre and starred Jenny Slate, John Turturro and Edie Falco. 

The company recently announced their acquisition to the rights of CODE OF SILENCE, a four-part article based on a true story about Chicago Police Officer Shannon Spaulding’s experience as a whistleblower in a case of corruption and cover-up within the Chicago Police Department. MWM Studios also announced their project with Rebecca Miller titled SHE CAME TO ME. Miller wrote and will direct the film with Amy Schumer and Academy Award® winner Nicole Kidman attached. Another film in development, THE THING ABOUT JELLYFISH, is an adaption of Ali Benjamin’s best-selling young adult novel and it follows the heartfelt journey of a seventh-grade girl as she explores life, death, and the astonishing wonder of the universe. Previously with the company, Shane worked on THE WAY WAY BACK starring Steve Carell, DRIVE starring Ryan Gosling, the futuristic sci-fi film ENDER'S GAME, and Jon Stewart’s directorial debut, ROSEWATER.

Prior to joining MWM Studios, Shane was Executive Vice President of Production for Red Wagon Entertainment, whose movies include THE GREAT GATSBY and, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA. While at Red Wagon, Shane served as Executive Producer on DIVERGENT, based on the best-selling young adult novel starring Shailene Woodley, and LAWLESS starring Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, and Shia Labeouf. She started at Red Wagon as a Creative Executive in 2000 and was quickly promoted through the company ranks, running development and production. Prior to joining Red Wagon, Shane worked for various media companies, including Imagine Entertainment and Televisa.