360 Video ‘Do Not Touch’ Takes You Inside Paintings In A Museum

There’s still a lot to figure out about 360 video, which means filmmakers tend to stick to slower-paced experiences. Tiny Tank, Videogame Vehicle and Do Not Touch are no such experiences.

The newest VR short, Do Not Touch, launched today by SoKrispyMedia in partnership with MWMi and is the final video in the VR series SoKrispy Daydreams. This latest piece takes the viewer inside a magical art museum using Google’s Yi camera with computer-generated elements driven by algorithms which “replicate the paintings’ styles onto the original video.” The piece stars SoKrispyMedia co-creator Eric Leigh as he climbs inside the paintings.

The earlier release, Tiny Tank, envisions near-perfect online VR gaming that might come with the occasional kick to the real-world face. Though quite funny, the piece is pretty impressive from a special effects standpoint; virtual helicopters and UI HUDs complement real-world explosions and firefights.

These are all YouTube videos so you can watch it pretty easily across a range of VR headsets, including smartphone-based devices via the YouTube app on iOS and Android, web browser on Gear VR and the PS4 app for PSVR owners. Or you can just enjoy it as a browser-based video, too.

Also check out the other project in the series, Video Game Vehicle.


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