MWM Launches Three-Part Series of VR Shorts Created by Sokrispymedia

MWM (Madison Wells Media) announced the launch of a three-part, immersive short video series created in partnership with digital creators SoKrispyMedia, through their AR/VR entertainment division MWM Immersive (formerly Reality One). The entire series is titled “SoKrispy Daydreams.” Best known for their Chalk Warfare series, which has accumulated over 55 million views on YouTube, SoKrispyMedia is led by creatives Sam Wickert and Eric Leigh, who are innovating in the VR/AR space using new visual effects techniques previously unseen in the immersive landscape. Their 360 video Internet Surfer, also produced by MWMI in partnership with Wevr, was featured on YouTube VR’s “Best of 360” playlist.

The first short of the series, Tiny Tank, launched today on the SoKrispyMedia YouTube page, and takes audiences on an action-packed mission from atop a remote-controlled tank. The two additional shorts for the series, Video Game Vehicle and Do Not Touch, will launch in the coming weeks.

“We believe in this next generation of storytellers and foresaw the team at SoKrispyMedia would break new ground in VR filmmaking,” said Ethan Stearns, Executive Producer of MWM Immersive. “This partnership with SoKrispy perfectly represents the kind of bespoke collaborations with boundary-pushing artists that MWM prides itself on.”

Tiny Tank was shot on the Yi Halo camera and director Sam Wickert employs cutting-edge visual effects along with pyrotechnics, 100 feet of motion control track, and the Action Factory stunt team to deliver a 360 video experience unlike any other. Tiny Tank is delivered in Ultra HD 3D with specialized audio.

MWMI is focused on building long-term value with direct consumer relationships driven by projects like Jon Favreau’s Gnomes & Goblins. Through their exclusive partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, MWM Immersive also produces fully immersive content based on SPE’s unique intellectual property.


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